Confessions of an Ad/PR GRAD!

It’s been long while since my last post! For this I apologize :). Since my last post, I graduated!!!! Yes, I am now a City College of New York Alumni. I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Communications, specializing in advertising/PR (obviously ;)). I still can’t believe that graduation was just three weeks ago! It feels like it has been ages already.

My last semester at CCNY was not an easy one. The most difficult class, I’m sure the rest of my former classmates can agree on, was workshop. Every semester, the ad/PR program concludes with this thesis course. The class is broken up into teams, where they will each come up with an integrated marketing communications campaign for the client; selected by the professors. I decided to take workshop with professors Tag and Appelbaum. These are the two toughest women in the whole department, maybe even the whole school! Even then, I’m glad I chose them. Their tough nature helped us mold and produce the best work they have seen in a while. I knew what I was getting myself into but I never thought the stress levels were going to be that intense!

Our client was the Boniuk Center for Religious Tolerance at Rice University in Texas. Odd, right? We were all looking at each other with confused faces the first day of workshop. We were asked to promote religious tolerance at CCNY with a full campaign on campus. The client, Mr. Mike Pardee, was then going to come to campus at the end of the semester and watch out client pitches and select the campaign he deemed best to translate onto the Rice University campus.

We broke into team during the first week of February and went to work. I have to say, it was not easy. Not even one bit during the entire semester. We did push through and came out with a great campaign.

My great team, GRIT Communications! Credit: Alicia Lyons via Facebook

My great team, GRIT Communications! Credit: Alicia Lyons via Facebook


Although my team lost, everyone in the class did awesomely. I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the rest of my classmates.

The whole class! Credit: Alicia Lyons via Facebook

The whole class!
Credit: Alicia Lyons via Facebook

A few weeks later, it was graduation day. The day we thought was never going to come! We all marched down the Marshak Plaza, clad in purple and black caps and gowns; many with their honors ropes. The Media and Communications Department was no doubt, the LOUDEST and the PROUDEST group during the Humanities Dept. ceremony! It was such a great relief to finally walk across the stage and feel that sense of accomplishment. It was a long four years but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now, I am trying to hustle hard for a job. I did have an internship at Y&R that I loved and learned a lot about the industry from. However, all good things must come to an end. While I am sad it didn’t turn into something full time, I am happy because I can explore the many other agencies in New York City. You’d be surprised to know how many there are on this tiny little island; all of which are recognized and produce excellent work. While I continue to hustle, I will try to post here more often. I can’t lose this little gem!

For now, the “vacation” and job hunt continues!


Fall Semester is Over!

It’s official; the semester is over! I had my last class last night and my last day at my internship was today. I have a final presentation next Wednesday but other than that, I am home free!!

This semester has been crazy stressful for me. I’m not sure why, as my classes weren’t really difficult and my internship wasn’t causing me stress either. Whatever it was, took a toll on me; causing my hair to start falling out and a repetitive twitch in my left eye that comes and goes. I’m glad it’s over because it’ll give me a chance to recharge my batteries for the craziness that will come with my final semester this spring. I’m looking forward to all of it and hope I can manage my stress better.

It was bittersweet leaving my internship today, I had a great time there. I loved my team, the account; basically the agency as a whole haha. It was a comfortable environment for me and actually got me really interested in the industry. I’m very grateful I got to be a part of an awesome team; on the best floor in the office building, in my opinion 😉 . I had such a great time that I will be back next semester! I spoke with the internship manager a while ago and got the green light to come back. I feel super blessed I got this opportunity and even have the chance to come back. I learned so much and can’t wait to learn more. I seriously can’t wait to go back!

This break, I hope to relax, do some fun stuff and even do a little bit of reading. I am going to give my batteries the right charge so I can come back full force for my final semester!

But first, my final presentation 🙂

Tumblr Inspiration Crossover

Today’s post is about inspiration. It really can come from anywhere, anyone and anything. When I’m not in class or at my internship, I browse the web. I’m usually on Tumblr, scrolling through my dash. For those who don’t know, Tumblr is another blogging platform that’s super easy to use. The majority of things people post are graphics and pictures of random things. Now, my tumblr is not school related. My personal tumblelog is about fitness. You see, I’ve been on this weight loss journey for about four years and started this tumblr about a year ago. I love it because everyone I follow and who follows me are on the same journey. We support each other virtually and essentially become each other’s cheerleaders. Not only is the fitblr community supportive but it is also a learning experience. I’ve learned so much about food, exercise and body positivity while tumbling. All of these are essential for mental and physical health.

Back to my point; I am at a point in my life where I want nothing but success. I really want to do and will do whatever it takes in order to get it. However, with a semester of school remaining before graduation (!!), I feel like I am being held back by a multitude of factors in my life. I really want to take the next step towards adulthood. The only problem is, I need to wait.

I’ve been inspired to try and move forward with a few graphics that popped up on my dash a while ago. While I mainly blog about fitness on Tumblr, there are a few posts that filter through that are completely relatable with real life.

I love these two images because they hold true to me. Right now, I feel like I’m the arrow being held back, awaiting a launch into something awesome. While I am desperate to move forward, I know my patience will be rewarded.

Here’s hoping these images can inspire you to make moves and accomplish some of your own goals. For now, I just have to sit tight 🙂

I am an Introvert

It’s been a fabulous two weeks of school and my first advertising internship. I like it so much better than PR (sorry!); I actually feel like I can do this as a career. However, I am worried. Advertising seems to be a vocal business. I’m silently stressed because I want this internship to go really well because I would eventually love to come back next semester, and even work there after graduation. I’m trying my best but I don’t know if I am giving my best.

You see, I am a silent thinker. I keep to myself, work best in silence, think before I speak and have a problem speaking up. Sound familiar to anyone? It does to me now, as I realized I am an introvert. I’m relieved I found out that it’s a personality trait that I was born with. This is psychological; I didn’t choose this at all. My efforts to try and be more loud and out there were in vain because that is not me. It was making me uncomfortable beyond belief, to the point I felt like a poser. I know that I’m supposed to be stepping out of my comfort zone but I can’t mentally bring myself to do so.

My professor thinks I’m just quiet and reserved. I’m not when I’m with the right person; I can’t speak with two people at once. I don’t speak up in meetings and even have a bit of a hard time holding eye contact. It’s hard for me to admit this online, and much less in person. I feel like I have a defect or something and that it’s going to hold me back.

As of now, I’m trying to educate myself on myself, so to speak. I put Susan Cain’s “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” on hold at the library and can’t wait to see what I am about and what I’m capable of. I hope this book can help show me that being how I am is not a defect and shouldn’t be a crutch (like I’m treating it now).

Till then, I will try to be myself more in the office and make contributions without stressing myself out.

Super Late Update!

WOW! It’s been forever since I got on here! A lot has happened between now and the last post.

Fresh off of the last days of classes and my very first internship, I was free to enjoy the summer and it’s offerings. And I did. I went to the Dominican Republic with my parents for a month in July and had a great time. I didn’t go anywhere fun or party like most people my age on vacation would’ve done. Instead, I stayed home with my family and my grandpa; bonding, laughing, and eating tons of fresh cerezas and coconuts. I enjoyed my ‘tropical staycation;’ I got to spend time with my grandpa, which is better than any afternoon anywhere.

I arrived exactly 10 days ago, and even while I was away, I took care of business. I used the internet every chance I had, and tried to secure my second internship for the upcoming semester. Thanks to my persistence (and my  professor), I landed a spot at an ad agency and start in September! I’m excited and can’t wait to see what advertising is like.

The fall semester starts in two weeks and I’m ready for my last year at CCNY. I can’t even believe it; next spring, I will be a college graduate! These four (and a half!) years have flown by. Soon, I will march with the Class of 2013; walking away from the comforts of school and into the harsh real world.  I’m a flurry of emotions when I think about next May. I have no clue what the future holds for me, but I can’t wait to find out.

So, here’s to another awesome semester and and even better year!